Honey: A Wonder Liquid

Seasons and Honey! 

“A spoonful of honey a day keeps all your problems at bay”.

Mother nature has provided us with a sweet golden syrup, to consume and cherish and that is the goodness of good old honey. It has a distinct taste which makes it a good choice of consumption among people. Most importantly, honey can be consumed unprocessed while table sugar (crystallized sugar), jaggery etc. are processed food sweeteners. 

The beautiful nature around us keeps changing from time to time with the coming and going of the different seasons. Seasonal changes are natural and they bring about changes in the weather pattern, the food pattern, the clothing pattern, etc. These changes also cause seasonal allergies, seasonal ailments such as common cold, sore throat, etc. Honey is a good protectant and remedial source for such ailments and health issues. 

Honey has many beneficial qualities for the human body. It is a pure form of God’s own medication for human beings. Honey is packed with numerous benefits and it is really a wonder liquid. This beautiful golden liquid is a naturally occurring medicinal substance which is to be used efficiently. 

Raw or unpasteurized honey is packed with natural properties that can help heal wounds and repair skin tissues. It is also antibacterial and antifungal which makes it a good remedy for small wounds or cuts. 

Honey helps in treating cough and common cold when consumed alongside with ginger or lukewarm water. It is good for seasonal infections caught from the change in weather and exposure to cold weather. It also aids in suppressing cough. 

Honey also helps to increase the count of good bacteria in our body which makes it a natural prebiotic supplement. It helps to keep the body healthy and makes the immune system stronger. 

During winters when the weather gets dry, skin and hair tend to lose moisture and get drier. To lock in the moisture and restore the softness in hair and skin, raw honey can be used. Honey can be applied directly on skin and hair as a face mask or hair mask. 

Skin allergies and rashes are quite common during winters as well as during summers. Honey can be applied on the affected skin to soothe the rash and redness. It’s antifungal and antibacterial properties will help heal the skin. 

The wonders of honey are many. People have been using it since ancient times for several remedial purposes and in that way, honey found its way into Ayurveda as a form of medicine. 

Consuming adequate amounts of honey, especially the raw natural unpasteurized one promotes good health and increases the immunity among people. The golden wonder liquid is available in different colours and consistencies but raw unpasteurized one remains the best. 

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